Welcome to my website!  Here you will find my past artworks, works in progress, and some writings on the thought processes that lead me to create my work.

A bit about me:  I am originally from Missouri, but currently reside near Washington D.C.  I studied art in college and am currently studying art in graduate school.  I am an military veteran (hence how I wound up in D.C.).  My fiance and I have a three year old daughter, a dog, and a somewhat temperamental cat.

My background is important because it is also the origin of my art.  Much of this art is inspired by my upbringing in a Missouri junk yard.  As a child, I saw objects on a daily basis that had been left outside in the elements for decades at a time.  This made me aware of how one object can take on a completely different appearance over time.  I also observed how objects accumulated the family junk yard over the years, and how an object can look different from the expected when it is surrounded by hundreds of other objects.

There is much more to my story, which will be shared over time through my art.


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